Surfers swim with whales

Surfers swim with whales

A family of five orca whales caused quite a stir at Mount Maunganui beach yesterday when they came close to shore while chasing stingray.

Dennis Tait-Jamieson from Hibiscus Surf School got up close and personal with the family of mother, father and three calves, after spotting them off Leisure Island at around midday on Wednesday.

A family of five orca were spotted off Mount Maunganui beach yesterday and surfer Dennis Tait-Jamieson got the chance to swim with them. Photo: Hibiscus Surf School.

“One really kind of bonded with me. It came right up against me, then did a loop and came back again.”

Dennis and fellow surfer Guy Shuttleworth followed the whales as they made their way from Leisure Island down to Papamoa stopping at different locations to have a swim with the family.

“I have swum with Moko a few times but there is a different feeling and energy between swimming with dolphins and whales. It was a really humbling experience.”

Dennis says him and Guy spent about four hours with the whales before the family headed down the coast to Maketu.

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