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Ask AT&T and Coke-Cola Why they SUPPORT SLAVERY?

Scientists have proclaimed that dolphin intelligence is second only to humuns and they should therefore be treated as non-human persons, yet ATT and Coca-Cola support the inhumane slavery of these sentient cetaceans by their partner$hip with Georgia Aquarium.

Their argument may be that these dolphins were born in captivity and not taken from the wild. If so, then they are admitting that taking dolphins from the wild is wrong; therefore, condoning the abduction of the original dolphins who gave birth to the eleven who are now performing at the Georgia Aquarium Sin Circus. If a child is born in prison, should he or she remain incarcarated for life just for being born there?

It takes generations to domesticate a wild animal. How many more must be born in captivity? If a dolphin can be trained to do unnatural tricks, it can then be trained to be wild and free. These dolphins can be released!

Protect Arctic Polar Bears, Whales, Walruses, and Seals from Offshore Drilling

On January 11, President Obama’s commission on the BP oil spill released their report. In addition to detailing the problems that led to one of the worst environmental disasters ever, the report states what we’ve been saying for years:¬†we need better science, management, and response capabilities in the Arctic.

Climate change is already heavily impacting Arctic animals and indigenous communities. We simply just don’t know enough about Arctic ecosystems to predict the impact of offshore drilling. Not to mention that remote and treacherous conditions spell disaster in the inevitable event of an Arctic oil spill.

Make sure President Obama listens to the recommendations from his own commission: Arctic management needs to be based on sound science.

Protect Sharks to Protect Our Oceans

Urge your Senators to support the Shark Conservation Act.

The Shark Conservation Act would require that sharks be landed with their fins still attached, thus solving enforcement issues and facilitating better data collection. It also closes a loophole related to the transfer of fins at sea, which allows bad actors to circumvent the current law. Additionally, the bill allows the U.S. to take actions against countries that have weaker protections for sharks.

Help Make a Difference for our Ocean Planet

Our oceans are in trouble. Extreme threats including habitat destruction, overfishing, pollution, development and climate change are wreaking havoc on ocean ecosystems. The sea covers nearly three quarters of our planet.

Help keep the oceans clean

I endorse a United Nations resolution to declare June 8 as WORLD OCEAN DAY

Protect Okinawa’s Reefs – Stop the Planned Military Base

Okinawa is home to ecologically significant coral reefs that support more than 1,000 species of reef fish, marine mammals and sea turtles. Creatures like the dugong, a critically endangered and culturally treasured animal, rely on these reefs for their survival.

**Click to Donate** by clicking on the link below you can save 100 sq ft of ocean a day. For every click generated sponsors around the world will donate to keep our oceans safe! Revisit the site daily for your added clicks.


Shellfish and coral are some of the most essential animals for the health of marine ecology, and they are also the most vulnerable to ocean acidification. As the acidity of the ocean increases, shells and coral reefs are becoming more fragile and developing more slowly, and high enough acidity would actually cause them to dissolve.Every year, up to 73 million sharks are slaughtered for their fins, meat, cartilage, liver and skin. And 30% of shark species are threatened or near threatened with extinction. Sign the petition below and help the destruction of our sea life.

Protect the Oceans from Devastating Acidification

Every year, up to 73 million sharks are slaughtered for their fins, meat, cartilage, liver and skin. And 30% of shark species are threatened or near threatened with extinction.

These animals are on the brink of extinction and if we do not act, the world will never see them again. Let the world know we are serious about protecting our sea life and sustaining their habitats for the future to see.

Stop The Decrease of Sea Turtle Populations

Shark finning refers to the removal and retention of shark fins and the discard at sea of the carcass. The shark is most often still alive when it is tossed back into the water. Unable to swim, the shark slowly sinks toward the bottom where it is eaten alive by other fish.

Help Stop Shark Fining!

In 2007, an estimated more than 60,000 tonnes of Atlantic bluefin tuna were caught, which was well over four times higher than the amount of fish that scientists say can be taken to avoid overfishing….The are now considered critically endangered…please sign.

Act Now to Protect Bluefin Tuna

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