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Oil Giant Plans New Platform Near Feeding Ground of Critically Endangered Whale

Sakhalin Energy Investment Company — part owned by Shell — has announced plans to build a major oil platform near crucial feeding habitat of the Western North Pacific gray whale population.

Stop Iceland’s Cruel Whale Slaughter

Iceland’s whalers have killed 148 endangered fin whales and 60 minke whales this year, in the very waters where tourists go to marvel at these gigantic creatures.SeaWorld continues its blanket denials of a connection between the recent deaths and continues to insist the orcas live in a man-made paradise. This is typical of zoos and circuses that exploit animals for human entertainment. To keep their customers pacified and supportive they assert their animals are pampered and well cared for, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Stop Orca Captivity

Continually, we see Japanese Whaling Vessels coming below the 60°S latitude and hunt for whale. It is obvious that whales are captured, however the rouse of “Scientific Research” must come to a stop. As the saying goes, “All things, must have an end”. The time has more than come for whaling to end in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary.

Stop Whaling

Iceland’s whalers have killed 148 endangered fin whales and 60 minke whales this year, in the very waters where tourists go to marvel at these gigantic creatures.

Stop Icelandic Whaling

Harper no funding for Vancouver Aquarium Restructuring

I request that as an alternative to investing in the restructuring of an industry that supports animal captivity, provide the funds for a reintegration plan that will put the cetaceans residing at Vancouver Aquarium back into the ocean, their home. Captivity is a death sentence for belugas and dolphins, Mr. Harper.  Over 4000 marine mammals have died in captivity in the last three decades.  People rationalize that marine parks provide education for our children and conservation for animals but there is no data that this is factual.  Marine parks have shown no more concern in conserving animals’ natural habitats than they have in educating spectators.

Recently a Baby Beluga Whale was found dead in her tank after drowning due to inflammation of her blow hole, which contained small rocks from her tank and a coin obstructing the breathing. Help us protect these endangered species and their natural habitats so humans will stop placing them in these tanks of death.

A couple moths ago a baby Orca was caught of the coast of Holland. She was placed in an aquarium under the pretense she would be released when she was healthier. Evidence now shows the aquarium plans to keep her. Sign the petition to let them know captivity is wrong and put baby Morgan back in the ocean.


This petition is in protest of killing the endangered species of Humpback Whales in Greenland. Please sign and help save this race of creature that is dying out before they are all gone.

WDCS International Whaling E-Protest

This is a new petition support the end of Whaling not Whales! Its a protest letter to President Obama to get him to support the ban instead of supporting it! Please Sign today just click on the link Below:


Let your voice be heard and help at the same time by checking out the Petitions we post here from time to time.


Dolphins and most Large Aquatic life are treated miserable in aquariums, no creature put on this earth should have to spend it’s life in a tank or cage. Please sign the petition below to help these Dolphins in a Japanese Aquarium, where the Dolphin jumped out of the tank onto the concrete below to escape the harsh cruelty of his life of performance and captivity.


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